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  • €125
  • 2 payments of €65

See Fresh

  • Course
  • 33 Lessons

See Fresh is a six-week creative photography program that uses the power of the mindful nature of photography to transform the familiar into vibrant aliveness so you start to see fresh, embrace what is, and deepen your connection with the world.

  • €35

Fabulous Phone Editing

  • Course
  • 13 Lessons

Discover how to take your smartphone photos from the ‘okayish’ to the fabulous level. This editing course gives you detailed information and step-by-step instructions on editing in VSCO and Snapseed.



"The lessons balanced technique with creativity and heart. Great examples were given to illustrate what we would try to capture via the prompts. Most of all Karin and the other students were very supportive - a no-judgment zone. I’ve learned to be more aware of what is in front of me, to look at my world with fresh eyes. To take time, be intentional, to appreciate intricacy, but even more - to appreciate simplicity."


"See Fresh shifted my perspective and gave me a much-needed reminder of the beauty each day brings. It helped me to slow down and really notice what my eyes were seeing. It was as if the blinders were removed and I began to see things that I had never seen before. My awareness was expanded. My appreciation for my surroundings, both inside and out, expanded. I began to look for the best in appreciate the beauty in everything. It brought back freshness and zest for life."


"I really liked See Fresh because it made me take pictures I normally wouldn't take and the prompts really felt like projects with a purpose. I am less shy about my photos and more open and willing to take on projects. And I put more focus on telling something with a series of photos rather than taking individual pictures."

Karin van Mierlo

Your Photography Mentor

In a world that’s very focused on quick snaps, tricks, and gimmicks and the chase for likes, I am a voice of intentional, mindful, and slow photography.

Because I truly believe it’s not about the camera but about the person behind the camera.

That’s why I’m an advocate for slow photography and I wanna help you to make beautiful and meaningful photos by opening the door to your inner, slow photographer.

I’m so happy you’re here.